MINI Portraits: Studio Edwards

MINI LIVING – INVERT 3.0 will bring together architects and RMIT architecture students to explore the potential of our laneways. In the lead-up to the exhibition, we’ve asked participating architects to give us a tour of their favourite Melbourne laneway. Watch the video and read the transcript of Ben Edwards from Studio Edwards’ tour of an unnamed lane off Greeves St, Fitzroy.

Ben Edwards: So the reason I chose this laneway is it’s really interesting; it’s undergone a lot of change.

The laneway, the space is the same but all the, I guess, the buildings surround it or frame it.

… This laneway now has a totally different feel, the scale of it has changed under these different forces that are sort of pushing and pulling on each side.

… The question is: what’s the future of it? What needs to happen here or how could there be opportunities for … living opportunities? Or contributing back to … the locality – we’re in Fitzroy.

I think the answer is in small-scale infill developments and so it’s about … activating that street level.

So my question is could this be gardens? Could this be tiny houses? Could this be some sort of shared co-op space? Could it be a shared allotment? What are the opportunities this presents?

Stay tuned for more MINI Portraits. MINI LIVING – INVERT 3.0 will be presented from 13 – 17 November at Rapha Melbourne, 32 Guildford Lane.

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