Material Matters — Australian Designers Join Forces for Craft Contemporary 2023

Some of Australia’s most renowned architectural studios, artisans and designers will come together in October as part of Craft Contemporary’s 2023 satellite hub program, where they will explore the pivotal role minerals and materials play in design and the impact of mindful creation.

Known as ‘Material Matters’, the exhibition is in partnership with BETA By STH BNK’s in-residence program Atelier and Craft Victoria and will see exhibitors across architecture, craft and product design create innovative displays that delve deep into our material culture, offering a contemplative reflection on the substrates that form the foundation of the world around us, and the future ahead of us.

Material Matters was born out of BETA By STH BNK’s artisans in residence program, Atelier, a groundbreaking programme that for the past 18 months, has tested and explored circular solutions for the future of retail.

Now, Atelier residents including Cordon Salon, Other Matter and DNJ Paper will exhibit at Material Matters alongside Breathe Architecture – Australia’s most awarded sustainable architecture practice, Heliotrope Architects, Cera Stribley and more.

Exhibitors will present a ‘material in application’ to showcase their work as a catalyst in driving the evolution of their field while communicating how they are paving the way for a better and more sustainable future.

Acting as a testing area for the future STH BNK By Beulah podium design, the Material Matters exhibition conveys an important narrative around the need for brick-and-mortar retail environments to move from simply transactional to experiential; common areas and retail spaces within the STH BNK podium are set to incorporate sustainable materials and principles like never before.

Material Matters Curator and co-founder of Cordon Salon Ella Saddington, said the exhibition urges visitors to ponder ‘Why materials matter?’, ultimately asking them to recognise the extraordinary weight materials bear in the conscious crafting of our lives.

“It is all too easy to overlook the bedrock of our everyday experiences: the materials that constitute our lived reality. Further, retail needs to evolve at a much slower pace and I hope there are more personalised experiences and tastes from both ends of the scale (retailer vs. consumers) that will see us move toward a more sustainable way of living.”

The exhibition forms part of Craft Contemporary, an annual gathering of craft-inspired events, projects, exhibitions and more throughout Victoria and beyond across the month of October.

The Material Matters exhibition will be open to the public on October 26th and 27th from 12 pm to 11 pm. Starting at 5:30 pm, visitors can enjoy ‘Material Matters – Four Floors Up’, with a taste of good food and wine, featuring offerings from Clover, Foreign Fruits and La Pique, as well as captivating moving image projections and music.

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