Koskela presents Ngukurr Arts: Yugul Mangi Group Show

Koskela Gallery is pleased to present its very first online exhibition, Ngukurr Arts: Yugul Mangi Group Show.

Ngukurr Arts is a unique space where artists explore, share and develop their own distinctive styles.

Situated alongside the banks of the Roper River in South East Arnhem Land, the town of Ngukurr and the art centre alike have become a gathering place for many different language groups.

Collectively, the language groups are known as Yugul Mangi (all together as one) and their diversity as people is reflective of their art.

Ngukurr Arts: Yugul Mangi Group Show features the spectacular works of Jill Daniels, Gwenneth Blitner, Norman Wilfred, Karen Rogers and Rebecca Joshua and captures the diversity and unique history of the Ngukurr community.

Each artist explores life on country and experiments with colour, vibrancy and landscape.


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