Issue 87

Issue 87 comes out 5 September. Order on its own or as part of a subscription.

In this, our annual Small Spaces issue, we look at five houses that have found solutions for using less resources and less valuable land; building smaller, subdividing, infilling and creating multigenerational homes are some of the solutions showcased in this issue.

But first up, we profile Europe-trained furniture restorer, Britta de Laat, who through her studio Dumped and Ditched and shop The Unlikely Item, is returning rightful glory to down-at-heel furniture, piece by stunning piece.

green magazine issue 87 - PROFILE Futures Past

Then, we visit Brookes Street House, tucked in between two 19th century buildings in inner Brisbane, exploring a sensitive renovation that reflects the new owner while paying homage to architect James Russell’s original subtropical magazine issue 87 - HS1 Divine Intervention

After that, the first phase of a clever three-stage renovation sees a rare Brisbane worker ’s cottage sensitively transformed into a light-filled and delightful home by Maytree Studios.

green magazine issue 87 - HS2 Pocket Change

Then, travel to the middle of vibrant inner Sydney, where TRIAS aimed to create a place of calm in a heritage-listed Darlinghurst terrace on a 45-square-metre site, and achieved just that through a collaborative approach and a strong creative vision shared by architect and client.

green magazine issue 87 - HS3 Simple's Sake

Next up, a subtle but highly original interpretation of a suburban Melbourne sub-division, with a new house built in the backyard as a solution for two families struggling to break into the housing market.

green magazine issue 87 - HS4 Divide and Conquer

And for our final house feature, House For Eva’s location in a Brunswick East Melbourne activity zone enabled MRTN Architects to conjure a surprising three-storey home, office and rental out of a tricky 88-square-metre garden subdivision.

green magazine issue 87 - HS5 Telling Storeys

There you have it—creative, more attainable homes and gardens where bigger is not better.

Next up, our garden articles, starting with a shared garden by Sharon Campbell Architects. Nestled between two houses, this long narrow garden is between two multigenerational buildings, shared by family members on both sides and provides versatile green space for passage, gathering and play.

green magazine issue 87 - GDN1 Green Between

In the second garden feature, without a lot of wriggle room, the design of this Melbourne cottage on a tight site cleverly lays the groundwork for the garden to be front and centre in daily life, designed by Project 12 and landscape architect Annabelle Drew.

green magazine issue 87 - GDN2 Outside In

And finally, for our travel feature we take a trip to Magnetic Island, where over 100 years of tourism has somehow managed to leave this under-the-radar island a gentle, low-key and utterly beautiful destination where a slow simplicity – and swimming – rule.

green magazine issue 87 - TRAVEL Magnetic Pull

And of course, our regular segments Upfront and Upfront Garden share a curated spread of projects, products or creations that we love. Plus, explore this issue’s Permaculture Tips by Karen Sutherland from Edible Eden Design, and Bricknell House by Charles Albert Bricknell in What I Like About You.

Issue 87 comes out 5 September. Order on its own or as part of a subscription.

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