ISPT has highest number of six-star IE certified buildings under NABERS

ISPT is building on its reputation for delivering Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) excellence in 2020, announcing that it now has the highest number of six-star IE certified buildings under NABERS and one of the highest average IE ratings in Australia.

Delivering the most comfortable and healthy environments for its customers to enjoy, ISPT has been working since 2012 to consistently improve its NABERS IE ratings by listening to its customers’ needs and improving property performance in partnership with its expert network of building managers, consultants and contractors.

As a result, it now has an average IE rating of 5.3-stars across its impressive portfolio of 26 properties – well above the national 4.7-star average. ISPT also has the largest holding of six-star certified buildings, with a total of 10 sites nationwide. This includes sites such as 345 and 363 George Street, part of the renowned George Place precinct.

Alicia Maynard, ISPT’s General Manager, Sustainability & Technical Services, said the results represent the culmination of years of proactive investment in best in class building management to deliver spaces that enhance the wellbeing and productivity of its customers and communities.

“We’ve made a consistent and concerted effort to really drive leadership in this space, navigating the challenges of working with a dynamic mix of both older and newer builds to still deliver great results – both from a business and customer point of view.”

“As the first in the industry to achieve a six-star IE rated building in 2017, we are proud to now also have the most six-star IE buildings in the country and are focused on maintaining this. We’re also looking at ways we can continue to drive innovation here, including piloting new technologies and initiatives to gain real-time insights and feedback to improve building conditions and keep those within our properties informed and proud of their healthy indoor environments.”

“For example, we’ve partnered with the likes of TAL and Sustainability Victoria on live dashboards and instantaneous feedback processes respectively to increase and improve the dialogue between properties and those operating within them. Through this, we’re collecting rich data which then informs how we can continue to improve.”

Carlos Flores, Director at NABERS has praised ISPT’s outstanding efforts and determination to drive meaningful outcomes for its customers and communities.

“ISPT is ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering an exceptional indoor environment for their building occupants. They are clearly committed to managing and improving the quality of experience for those operating within their properties.”

“ISPT was one of the first in the industry to push the boundaries in improving health and comfort across their whole portfolio. It has been fantastic to be part of their eight-year leadership journey.”

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* NABERS measures a building’s operational performance. A NABERS Indoor Environment rating measures the indoor air quality, temperature and thermal comfort as well as acoustic quality of a building.

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