WoodSolutions. The website for wood. Visit one of the world’s leading websites for timber information and wood product news, data and guidance. You can join the more than 600,000 design and build professionals, academics and students taking advantage of resources offered by WoodSolutions.

WoodSolutions was created as an industry initiative to provide independent, non-proprietary information about timber and wood products. The website contains more than ten thousand pages of information and is continually growing and developing useful resources for the design and build sector.  

Start by simply scanning through their extensive glossary of useful terms or use the SpeciesSolutions app, embedded on the website, to check strength and durability differences between species for your upcoming projects. You can also get Expert Advice and ask specific questions to industry experts. 

WoodSolutions has a library of informative videos. There are educational presentations and a new series called InFocus that sheds light on the Australian forest and wood products industry. InFocus covers topics from The Art and Science of Growing Wood to How It’s Made videos on Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) 

Are you interested in learning about the best design practices, latest innovations and interesting case studies? Then have a listen to the hugely popular WoodSolutions podcast, Timber Talks. It features interviews with world-leading experts in timber design, specification and construction. The podcast is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts or you can listen in directly on the website. 

WoodSolutions offers an array of resources that inform users about timber products and how best to utilise them. There are sixteen easy to access, one page Fact Sheets full of information about timber products and their benefits.  

Dive deeper into information for design and build professionals with WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides. There are more than fifty guides offered on the website, for free, or in hardcopy. They provide an authoritative source of information. The guides are authored by specialists with the aim to present the most up-to-date information that will facilitate compliance with regulations, including the National Construction Code (NCC). The topics covered include timber-framed construction, building with timber in bushfire prone areas, EXPAN engineered goods and fabrication specification, fire safety design of mid-rise timber buildings and more. The Technical Design Guides are continually being updated with new standards and information.  

Seven Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are also available to download from the WoodSolutions website. EPDs can be used by project teams to achieve Green Star rating points or can be used for credits in the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme. All EPDs offered by WoodSolutions have been authored and independently verified by leading professionals and they are all registered by The Australasian EPD Programme Ltd, which is a part of the International EPD System.   

Are you after CPD points and further professional development? Then check out the WoodSolutions events calendar where you can register for their webinars on a wide range of timber related topics. The fortnightly webinars begin at 11 am AEST on Tuesdays, taking an hour with speakers and presenters who cover in depth processes and procedures that optimise the benefits of building with wood. If you cannot make the webinars live, they are recorded and posted to the WoodSolutions website to view at any time. 

Another way to continue your professional development with WoodSolutions is through the WoodSolutions CAMPUS portal with courses for students and professionals as well as for educators looking for materials that support coursework at secondary and tertiary levels. The portal includes a collaboration between Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) and professional and educational organisations. The team worked with the University of Tasmania’s Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood to provide easy-to-access timber education and skills development opportunities for those who design and build with timber, study related courses or those who already work in Australia’s timber and wood products supply chain.  

If you want to increase your customer base, you can also create a free supplier listing on the WoodSolutions website. The listings provide detailed information about your business offerings that is searchable by area, product type and more. To give an indication of the impact a supplier listing on the WoodSolutions website can have, over the past year 136,780 visitors have clicked through to a supplier’s website. The best performing listing, over the past twelve months, resulted in a massive 11,808 click-throughs to the relevant company website. 

Check out all these resources and more at the WoodSolutions website.