SpeciesSolutions app by WoodSolutions

Best timber species & suppliers at your fingertips with new SpeciesSolutions app by WoodSolutions 

Working on a project that involves wood and wood products?  

The new SpeciesSolutions app is a valuable resource that helps you match various timber species with common applications in Australia, as well as linking you to suppliers. 

One of the major causes of reduced service life of timber products is the use of an unsuitable species. By suggesting a range of appropriate species, SpeciesSolutions not only encourages the use of suitable timber species but provides you with options you may not have thought about. Armed with the right information, you can enjoy the benefits of increased availability, shorter lead times and cost savings. 

With an intuitive interface design, up to date information and access to over 450 suppliers, you’ll find the right species for your specific applications and where to find it easier than ever. 

SpeciesSolutions by WoodSolutions is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play