Naya Haus: A Masterclass in Japandi Style and Sustainable Living

Seamlessly Blending Design and Sustainability

Situated in Cairns with breathtaking views of Green Island, Naya Haus stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of Japandi style—a fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity—and rigorous environmental ethics. Designed by Urban Abode Design and constructed by Craig Cooper Builders, the home reflects its owners’ deep connections to Japanese culture and Scandinavian design ethos, particularly valuing functionality and a strong connection to nature.

Local Choices for a Global Impact

Architectural choices at Naya Haus are deeply anchored in sustainability. “Selecting materials primarily from Australian companies that manufacture locally has been crucial to reducing environmental impact and supporting our community,” explains Lisa, the designer and homeowner. This focus on local sourcing extends to every element of the home, promoting a sustainable lifecycle essential for eco-conscious living.

Lysaght’s Contribution to Naya Haus’s Sustainable Design

The exterior of Naya Haus features the striking LYSAGHT ZENITH® Roofing and Walling Range, specifically the ENSEAM® profile made from COLORBOND® steel in Monument® Matt. Lisa chose this material for its aesthetic alignment with Japandi style and its functional benefits. “The cladding complements the style’s sleek lines and matte texture, while offering durability and recyclability—key for sustainable architecture,” she notes. This decision underscores a commitment to merging thoughtful design with environmental responsibility.

Innovative Design in a Tropical Setting

Naya Haus maximises its unique hillside location with innovative design elements such as a Plungie pool integrated into the verandah and strategic roof cutouts to enhance light and privacy while fostering a connection with the landscape. “Our design philosophy was to integrate the house with its surroundings, ensuring views from as many rooms as possible,” remarks Lisa on the home’s thoughtful layout.

A Example of Sustainable Living

Naya Haus is a prime example of how modern homes can beautifully balance style and sustainability. With the use of innovative materials like the LYSAGHT ZENITH® Roofing and Walling Range and a commitment to green practices, the home serves as an inspiration for those looking to embed similar principles into their living spaces.

Through the lens of Naya Haus, it is evident that the fusion of design excellence and sustainability is not just possible, but also preferable for the modern homeowner. Lysaght is proud to support such visionary projects that lead the way toward a more sustainable future, demonstrating that the right materials can indeed make a significant difference.