Arcos house is named for its celebration of arches, beautifully referencing the original Queenslander and Spanish Mission style of its predecessor. A tunnel-like entry leads to an arched doorway which opens to reveal an awe-inspiring space where the arched geometry transforms into generous curves.

The design is a stunning interplay of materiality and volumes, rendered concrete providing a soft, neutral base throughout the house. Additional materials are introduced, to provide a sense of warmth and scale; the sitting room features Evenex Deep Grain Oak cabinetry with curved edges that melt into the walls.

Evenex Deep Grain Oak is also used in the kitchen, the hub of the house, central to the living spaces, where it provides a break away from the soft tones of the rendered concrete adding a complimentary tonality  with contemporary minimalist detailing, also seen in feature joinery throughout the bedrooms.

Design: Joe Adsett Architects
Photography: David Chatfield
Builder: Graya Constructions