Inclume creates vessel built from recycled materials

UK creative architectural design studio, Inclume set itself the challenge to cross a small body of water on a self-built vessel made from recycled materials. Tetra is more than just that: it’s an interactive, moveable installation designed to capture feelings of “escapism, intrigue and wonder”.

The design is based around bespoke crafted tetrahedrons; paper origami components are threaded onto a bamboo frame which sits on a timber platform. Its form is an interpretation of an abstracted sail; the canopy creates an interplay of light and shadow with a sense of motion inspired by the body of water it sits on.

Inclume contacted locals to source materials for the project. The recycled timber deck comes from a carpenter’s oversupply of pallets; three barrels affixed below the deck for buoyancy were supplied in exchange for removing their contents; the canopy frame and internal structure were once unwanted bamboo garden canes and the core sub frame consists of thread entwined with recycled paper. To finish it off, the studio sanded, painted and reused a set of unwanted oars donated by a local boat club.

Tetra’s modular design made it easily transportable and quickly assembled. On the day it made its debut, passersby were invited to pitch in with construction and interact with the installation. “This meant we were able to integrate with the surroundings and community, meet new people and have fun along the way,” Inclume shares.

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