Hearing Architecture podcast delves into design

A deep-dive new podcast series that explores the role of architects, explains the perfect client, and asks how theory is applied to contemporary design has been released to inform and inspire both architects and the public.

The Australian Institute of Architects’ Emerging Architects and Graduates Network (EmAGN) collaborated with Open Creative Studio to produce and launch the Hearing Architecture podcast, which has quickly amassed more than 4000 downloads from listeners globally and has hit No. 3 in the Australian Design Charts.

Covering topics from what architects really think about reality television renovations to the nature of studying architecture, some of Australia’s most celebrated architects reveal their design methods and practices.

The Institute’s National President Helen Lochhead said the podcast highlighted the public value of architects and architecture at a time when higher standards are needed in development at every scale to ensure buildings are of an appropriate quality that endures.

“Architects study for many years to become proficient in their profession,” she said.

“They combine a range of skills from city planning to detailed design, combined with a deep understanding of structural options, materials and methods of construction.”

“These podcasts highlight just what it is that architects do when they are working on jobs ranging from a suburban renovation to the urban renewal of a central business district.”

The Hearing Architecture podcast has been downloaded thousands of times across the world, including by listeners in the US and UK, Italy, Iran, Brazil and Ethiopia.

EmAGN President, Thom McKenzie, said the podcast was a natural fit to highlight and explain the role of architects, despite the visuals and imagery usually associated with design.

“We wanted to engage with people about the ideas, planning and processes that go into realising architecture,” he said.

“Everyone has a high-profile building in their city that they love or are challenged by. We wanted to go beyond the drawings and inform people how the architects created that design.”

Mr McKenzie said the Institute also wanted to inspire the next generation of architects and clients by sharing perspectives on practice and the built environment from some of Australia’s leading architects.

“This is a podcast that reveals the realities of architecture,” he said. “We discuss sustainability, neighbourhoods, development and culture. We discuss reality TV and the challenge of making ideas a reality.”

Hearing Architecture travelled around Australia to interview some of the nation’s leading architects for the series. Those interviewed by host Daniel Moore included Institute Gold Medal-winners Peter Stutchbury and Peter Elliott, as well as high-profile architects from every state.

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