Facewall is an interactive art installation to be held in September 2014 at Federation Square.

The installation is about making the consumption of digital content on mobiles less anti-social by making users look up at their surroundings via an interactive ‘selfie’ game.

The ‘wall’ consists of a grid of lamps with integrated e-ink screens. We invite users to take selfies and upload them onto a random screen on the wall. These selfies will be artistically filtered and users will have 5 minutes to find their selfie art to download them.

Designed to stimulate curiosity, the installation is social media networking in a progressive, sociable and physical way. It’s not just about faces on the wall, but more about discovering the people around it.

Facewall is also purposefully designed to be environmental friendly and sustainable on many levels.

In terms of components, E-ink screens are used instead of LED or LCD screens. E-ink technology is found in e-readers such as Kindle and NOOK. These screens do not consume power to maintain an image. It is an energy efficient solution for displaying dynamic and interactive artwork over an extended period of time.

On a higher level, the installation is designed to be reconfigured and repurposed into a new piece of art. After the exhibition, the wall structure will be decommissioned and transformed into smart lighting furniture sets so that there is minimum wastage of materials. Existing smart sensors and LED lights will be reused to configure this environmentally responsive art. A subset of lamp elements will also be given away to the contributors as memorabilia artefacts. Unlike any other installation projects, Facewall will not be destroyed but live on within the community.


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