Dulux Colour Forecast for 2022 released

As we gradually emerge from another difficult year, we find that the world has changed, and our outlook has changed with it. With our ‘future normal’ still to be decided, the old rules and accepted norms no longer seem to apply. We find ourselves asking the questions: What do we really need to live well and what could we happily live without?

In response to this challenge, Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 palettes will reflect our desire to simplify our lives and boost our connection with nature and the people and experiences that matter most.

Dulux conducts year-round research into the latest international and local interior trends set to influence Australian design and the way Australians live. With international travel off the agenda for now, the Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 – led by Dulux Colour and Communication Manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr, in conjunction with Colour Forecaster and Stylist, Bree Leech – has been informed by virtual seminars such as Future Laboratory UK and Colour Hive, the Colour Marketing Group workshops, forecast reports and engagements with local and international brands.

“Living through a pandemic has made us feel even more connected to our homes,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communication Manager. “When it comes to future trends, comfort is key. We want our living spaces to calm and nurture us, so we can process everything we’ve experienced over the last year, and at the same time, help us rediscover our zest for life looking forward.”

After months of restrictions, there’s a desire to be bold, expressive and try new things. At the same time, the lingering sense of uncertainty around what the future holds makes us seek comfort and security from our homes. With prolonged days indoors, we have a new appreciation for good design and functionality and look to surround ourselves with things that are not only beautiful but also enhance our wellbeing and improve our quality of life.

“Having spent so much time isolated and on devices, we find ourselves craving authentic connection. In our homes, we desire textured, natural materials and finishes that ground us and provide those tactile experiences we’ve been missing. We are excited to spend time with friends, family and colleagues, and find ourselves viewing the simple and mundane parts of life – things we once took for granted – with a new sense of wonder and excitement,” says Lucena-Orr.

The Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 comprises three exciting palettes drawn from the landscape that feature warm tones, sensual, deep decadent hues and joyful, nature-inspired pastels.


The Restore palette consists of gentle, earthy neutrals alongside more rugged, natural tones; buttercream, pumice, airy blue, clay, rich forest green, moss and purple-black. These colours speak of restrained minimalism, soothing our senses and providing the soft backdrop needed to adjust to constant changes in our lives. Furniture is chunky and reassuring, with curves that follow the lines of the body, accessorised with simple, handmade décor pieces in interesting and often imperfect shapes. Detailing is kept to a minimum, with the focus firmly on form and function.

“This palette is inspired by our innate need for authentic connection and experience,” says Lucena-Orr. “Interiors have become our cocoon and a place where we can practice wellness and self-care rituals. We’re choosing less, however, focusing on more quality items that last and provide comfort above all else.”


With ripe, bolder colours such as petrol blue, desert red and dusty rose alongside pops of vintage gold, the Flourish palette captures our new-found sense of adventure and passion for life. Interiors are layered, expressive and unapologetically individual, with decadent fabrics such as velvet, silk and buttery-soft leather, paired with one-off vintage finds. Furniture with exaggerated curves evokes a 70s-disco vibe, whilst luxe marble nostalgically adds an unexpected elegance.

“It’s a look for those who want to re-write design rules,” says Lucena- Orr. “As we move towards more freedoms, these colours enrich our feelings of empowerment and spark our imagination. With this comes unrestricted expression, inclusivity and a celebration of the diversity in our community.”


Wonder is a palette of unbridled joy, featuring light pastels and playful, summery hues such as cornflower blue, lilac, lemon, green quartz and rose gold. Together, they evoke a cheerful and optimistic feel with a strikingly clear message: better days lie ahead.

“These colours set the stage for regeneration and growth, with unexpected tones drawn from the natural world around us,” says Lucena-Orr. “As we add more colour to our interiors, our imaginations are rekindled.”

Surprising combinations highlight the whimsical nature of this look; think quaint florals with eclectic colours and checks paired with sleek, contemporary furniture; needlepoint cushions and fluted glass; or woven rattan furniture set against a wall of candy stripes. Furniture is sustainably sourced or made from recycled materials, underpinning the belief that we all share the wonders of our beautiful planet with a hopeful vision.

“Now that we are spending more time in our homes, it’s important that each space feels different – particularly if you are working or studying from home,” says Lucena-Orr. “Viewing room by room, consider the appearance you want to achieve as well as ensuring the right mood and ambience is suitable for the function of the space.”

For bedrooms, try a deep and decadent tone from the Flourish palette, such as Dulux Deep Leather or Dark Door. For the workspace, look to the fresh and energising tones in the Wonder palette, such as Dulux Harmonious or Celery Green. And don’t forget your front door – there are some gorgeous hues in the 2022 Forecast to jazz up your entry, such as Dulux Edvard, Pink Papaya and Oboe D’Amore.

“Adding one or more colours from the Forecast palettes – whether it’s with paint or accessories – is a great way to bring your home up-to-date, as well as creating that positive change in your surroundings so many of us crave right now! Once you live with colour and experience the connection and emotion it creates, you’ll never return to a blank canvas,” adds Lucena-Orr.

To learn more about Dulux’s Colour Forecast 2022 visit dulux.com.au

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