DesignBUILD 2016

DesignBUILD has announced its 2016 speaker program featuring leaders from across Australia’s architecture, building, construction and design industries, who will address topical and emerging issues in compliance, innovation and sustainability.

Leaders from several industry associations and bodies including Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and leading architecture, building, construction and design firms will converge in Melbourne for the three-day event, May 4 to 6, to host a series of workshops, panels and seminars.

Working in collaboration with its industry partners, DesignBUILD has tailored this year’s program to address key issues that design, construction, architecture and landscape professionals are facing including city planning, integrating new technology with business process, building for a sustainable future and what the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement means for the industry.

DesignBUILD Event Manager, Ali Mead, said the program would bring together leading experts to challenge industry approaches and address how new technology, regulation and legislation is set to impact the industry and the Australian built environment overall.

“DesignBUILD’s partnerships are key in being able to deliver a highly informed and educational speaker program that addresses the key issues and challenges of the industry,” Ms Mead said.

“An open and collaborative format will reinforce DesignBUILD’s position as Australia’s only event that is for design, architecture, construction and landscape professionals under one roof while providing the regular annual opportunity to earn CDP points through attendance at seminars.”

This year will also see the introduction of a new format of seminar, a ‘Learn + Lunch’ session on each of the three days that will see an interdisciplinary facilitated panel address key topics the industry is facing followed by a dedicated networking session.

Key seminars from this year’s show will include:

ACIF will announce its first 10 year forecast of 2016 at a dedicated breakfast to be held in conjunction with DesignBUILD. ACIF’s 10 year forecast is a primary source of market information for the building and construction industry in Australia, providing decision makers in this market with reliable and highly accurate information for business planning.

Jon Shinkfield, leading landscape architect from REALMstudios, will question whether Melbourne city planners are asleep at the wheel when it comes to planning for the city’s livability and will discuss the need for a shift away from the deeply embedded Australian idea of the backyard in favour of greater open space, as our cities become more urbanised and of higher density.

Mathew Mackay, landscape architect at leading international design practice HASSELL will continue the exploration of the fundamental role that landscape architecture will play in building and retrofitting cities to become more resilient to increased storm events and climate change, counter urban heat island effects while also creating a more sustainable and livable city for the future.

Kate Harris, CEO at Australia’s only independent environmental certification group Good Environmental Choice Australia will explore what effect the recent China-Australia Free Trade Agreement means for the quality and safety of design and construction in Australia.

AIA member Fiona Winzar, head of FWA, will join the Sustainability Day interdisciplinary panel session. Fiona has significant experience with super high performance dwellings that incorporate European Passive House design principals with thermal, airtight and fresh air ducting technology to encourage and offer state-of-the- art carbon neutral houses that at the same time maintain their sense of peace and beauty.

The seminar series is a mix of free and paid sessions and for every seminar ticket sold, DesignBUILD will donate $1 to Engineers Without Borders and $1 to Architects Without Frontiers.

DesignBUILD will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 4 to 6, 2016. To register to attend the event for free or to access the full speaker series schedule visit

Image: REALMstudios

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