Denfair 2018 highlights

Denfair Melbourne has officially begun, and this year’s event delivers a veritable smorgasbord of products and projects from leading Australian and international designers. Check out our list of must-sees.

10:10 -> 01 

This eclectic space contrasts the gentle, flowing forms of nature with striking brutalist features and finishes. Ten studios, ten projects and one photographer (Peter Clarke) have been brought together under one thoroughly green roof by Bellewood Flowers – a glorious canopy of leaves and fronds suspended above that playfully alludes to an upside down garden and fills the air with a heady, earthy aroma. This exhibition is a compelling testament to the power of biophilic design.

Stand design: Latitude Group
Instagram: @latitudegroup

Featuring work by: Peter Clarke
Instagram: @peterclarkephoto


Locking eyes on the gently twinkling, golden fringes of Rakumba’s stand immediately recalls the sartorial splendour of a woman’s dress from the Roaring Twenties. These luminescent threads complement the sophisticated collection of lighting within and achieve an ambience of timeless, refined glamour.

David Trubridge 

Sloping curves and interplay of light and dark characterise David Trubridge’s stall. Here, Trubridge’s lighting fixtures are suspended as if gliding through the air, imparting a tangible sensation of tranquility.


The American Hardwood Export Council has collaborated with eight of Australia’s leading designers to present Replaced – an experiment in innovation and sustainability. AHEC asked the designers to recreate their signature pieces using American tulipwood, of which new growth exceeds harvest each year. Impressively, all the wood used to create the designs on display would’ve been replaced in the US forest in less than one second.

Front / Centre

The perfect welcome, Front / Centre is positioned at the event entrance, inviting the viewer to stroll down its length and leading the eye from one interesting work to the next.

Living Edge

The masterfully-executed palette of tone, texture and colour at Living Edge is truly a sight to behold.

Armadillo & Co

Armadillo & Co rugs are handmade from sustainable fibres. This same passion for detail is evident in their radiant display; a collection of rugs in muted tones hover above one another, illuminated from below. The philosophy behind this stall is captured best by Armadillo & Co, who write: “Our rugs lie lightly on this earth”.

Maker & Son

This father-son duo have created an immersive, multi-sensory biome complete with the soft chorus of birdsong. Maker & Son chairs are sustainably made from 100 per cent natural materials and their dedication to craftsmanship is palpable.

Copper Industrial Design

A glowing talisman in the form of the intricate “Sun” wall light is an eye-catching introduction to this contemporary space, with walls clad in rich-toned Elton Group veneers – a subtle nod to the finishes of the “Sun”.


The mesmerising, dappled light cast across Tait’s stand transports the viewer to backyards past. The clean, fine lines of the Seam Collection by Adam Cornish are on full display, enhanced by a refined colour palette and natural touches.

Denfair runs from 14 – 16 June at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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