Conscious Craft: A New Platform for Considered, Responsible and Responsive Craft and Design

Fifteen makers and designers from Australia’s creative scene are leading the way in reshaping material practices through Conscious Craft. Established by Craft Victoria, this transformative initiative represents a major step towards sustainable creativity and collective action within the artistic community.

Launching in May, Conscious Craft will debut with an exciting program line-up, featuring the works of 15 Australian makers and designers across four engaging exhibitions. Each participant demonstrates a profound commitment to conscientious production methods and ethical material usage, driving sustainability to the forefront of artistic expression.



  • Alexander Brown transforms the humble everyday aluminium can into an abstract, wall-mounted artwork, referencing industrial machinery and steel conveyor belts.
  • Annie Paxton gives a second life to scrap aluminium, creating a long-legged sculptural cabinet that plays with the surface and textural properties of the material.
  • Joanne Odisho presents a lamp inspired by 19th century paper observatory domes, using a biodegradable composite comprised of shredded paper and wood shavings.

Conscious Craft serves as a dynamic platform encouraging artists to explore considered and responsible production methods and material use; a hub to facilitate meaningful dialogues, sparking ideas; and a space to drive collective action through ongoing creative programs.

Emphasising the profound impact of this movement, Executive Director of Craft Victoria Nicole Durling said “Beyond the gallery walls, we believe that creativity can influence the world around us. Craft is inspired by the rise in artists who are challenging their production methods, and interrogating every element that makes up the final piece. In Conscious Craft, the parts are indeed as great as the sum of the whole.”

Driven by a clear mission to amplify the voices of Australian makers and designers committed to sustainable innovation, Conscious Craft is more than just a platform—it’s an invitation for all of us to be considered, responsible, and responsive. With a vision to provide support, resources, and guidance to artists embarking on innovative journeys, Craft is dedicated to shaping a brighter, more sustainable future.


Conscious Craft Program



11 May – 22 Jun, Main Gallery

Abdé Nouamani, Alexander Brown, Andrew Carvolth, Annie Paxton, Bel Williams and Welfe Bowyer

A single material exploration into the complexities of working with aluminium in contemporary material practice, featuring exhibition decals by Other Matter DecalsTM️ created by Jessie French.


2 May – 15 Jun, Project Space

Marlo Lyda, Sarah Nedovic and Joanne Odisho

Three Australian designers are challenged to repurpose discarded materials into a new line of handmade luxury goods.

Material Provenance

2 May – 15 Jun, Craft Atrium

Clay Matters – Claire Ellis, Amelia Black, Jane Sawyer and Kate Jones

Clay Matters present an exhibition to celebrate the launch of a global open-source material research project.

Cercare / Trovare

14 May – 15 Jun, Vitrine Gallery

Bobby Corica

Exploring new materials and techniques within his jewellery practice, Bobby Corica incorporates glass lampworking and reclaimed waste leather from Italian fashion houses into wearable, decorative objects.


Public Programs

Material Provenance & Complexities of Clay

Wed 15 May, 6–7pm, Craft Victoria

Speakers: Amelia Black (Clay Matters), David Walker (Walker Ceramics) and John Wardle (Wardle Studio)

A panel discussion charting the complexities of material responsibility in ceramics practice.

Studio Visit & Talking Creative Commissions with Thomas Lentini

Sat 25 May, 2–3.30pm

Studio Thomas Lentini, Yarraville

Furniture designer Thomas Lentini leads an intimate talk and demonstration in his studio for Melbourne Design Week.


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