Bloomin’ Verges initiative bringing life to Sydney streets

Sydney’s streets and suburbs are going to become bloomin’ beautiful as an initiative from Landsberg Garden Design provides free planting plans for verges to everyone across the city through their ‘Bloomin’ Verges’ program.

Particularly in this time of working from home and lock-downs, Bloomin’ Verges encourages everyone to get outdoors with a garden project, to get moving, have fun and make a contribution.

Bloomin’ Verges offers six different two metre x one metre planting plans for different soil and sunlight conditions. While you get the plan – and lots of instructions and tips – for free, you can either purchase the plants from Bloomin’ Verges and have them delivered to your door with a bag of compost, or purchase them from your local nursery.

The people at Bloomin’ Verges and Landsberg Garden Design know that every inch of earth – especially in built up urban and suburban environments – is incredibly valuable, connecting us to the Earth and to life. Every patch of ground made beautiful and healthy contributes not just to the Earth’s wellbeing but to our own.

Planting out verges not only brings beauty and joy to our streets, it also brings increasing plant diversity which provides a habitat for insects and wildlife. Green verges help cool the environment, and slow down stormwater run-off, allowing the precious water to soak it into earth instead.

Councils across Sydney – and Australia-wide – value and support communities taking an interest in caring for their verges. If you are unsure about your local council guidelines, give them a call.

Bloomin’ Verges would love to help the whole street bloom and so encourages everyone to speak with their neighbours! With many spending more time at home, what better way to foster community than in planting and caring for a shared garden? Plants have a wonderful way of bringing joy and sparking conversation. Educate and spread the word – be the ‘Street Seed’ and germinate the idea across communities. The idea is to have fun, get the kids involved, get your hands dirty, make it your own.

Bloomin’ Verges aims to give everyone a chance to create and care for a garden, to experience the benefits and joy of getting our hands in the earth, nurturing plants and watching them grow, of beautifying and bringing wellness to our streets and greater environment, of bringing people together in community making a difference, one verge at a time.

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