Beer & Algae: Brewing A Greener Future

This National Science Week (15 – 23 August), Young Henrys and the University of Technology Sydney’s Deep Green Biotech Hub have joined forces to host a virtual Science In Focus event; Beer & Algae: Brewing A Greener Future. The online event will be free to the public and live streamed from 5:30pm on Thursday, 20 August.

Following their mission to reduce their Newtown brewery’s carbon emissions, Young Henrys came across the Climate Change Cluster (C3) research institute at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2018. Together they have been on a two-year journey to help reduce this impact through a world-first solution using algae as a natural and efficient converter of turning carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Beer & Algae: Brewing A Greener Future will guide the public on how the fusion of brewing science and climate change innovation has led to an Australian-first, and how the humble organism – algae – is changing the future of our planet.

The livestream will begin with a virtual tour into the heart of the brewery with Young Henrys co-founder and director, Oscar McMahon and Dr Janice McCaughly, research associate at UTS.

The virtual tour will be a springboard into a live interactive panel discussion and interactive Q&A around the broader world of practical applications of sustainable initiatives for other everyday businesses. Triple J’s Morning host and co-host to Dr Karl’s Science Hour, Lucy Smith will moderate the live panel.

On the panel, audiences will learn and hear from Professor Peter Ralph, a Professor of Marine Biology at UTS, Executive Director of the Climate Change Cluster (C3) in the Faculty of Science, and Founder of the Deep Green Biotech Hub (DGBH). Joining Ralph will be Young Henrys Head Brewer, Jesse Seals, whose role mangers the lifecycle of beer production, including all the biochemistry that process entails, as well as being responsible for the day-to-day operation of the algal bioreactors at Young Henrys.

Emma Bowen will join as a panellist to discuss her role as a founding board member, president, and former general manager of Pocket City Farm, an inner-city ecological farm in Camperdown. Lastly on the panel will be Dr Mark Liu, a fashion and textile designer focused on advancing fashion design through the use of scientific principles to traditional techniques.

The special event provides a unique opportunity for audiences to discover and learn about science innovation, sustainability in practice, and to understand how industry and science can work together to research and innovate. Further to the event being a unique insight into these components, it also provides an opportunity for industries to discover the value of these kinds of collaborations.

Young Henrys and the Deep Green Biotech Hub are tackling climate change, one brew at a time.

This event is supported by Inspiring Australia.

The public can sign-up for free tickets via Eventbrite

Beer & Algae: Brewing A Greener Future
Thursday, 20 August
5:30pm – 7:00pm

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