Denison Rivulet by Taylor and Hinds Architects is a series of cabins north of Bicheno, Tasmania.

The concept behind this design sought to foster connection with the exterior landscape through emphasising interior relationships: a spin on modern shack culture that draws the outside world in, as opposed to propelling focus outwards.

The delineation between interior and exterior realms relies upon highly attuned geometries in plan and section. Explains Taylor and Hinds Architects: “This is an idea with an ancient heritage – where the inside is not the outside; exemplified in the traditions of Scotland’s Baronial castles, the Baroque churches of Borromini and enlivened by Jørn Utzon in many of his seminal projects.”

The material palette consists of a robust-looking, blackbutt and charred silver top ash exterior that gives way to a complex, detail-oriented interior composed of Victorian ash, brass and copper – the perfect enclave from which to absorb the surrounds. “We are seeking to heighten and rediscover the sense of an intimate room, as an experience in a large landscape,” Taylor and Hinds Architects notes.


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