Bruny Island Cabin was created to satisfy the client’s yearning for retreat and renewal; a space where she could relish life’s simple pleasures: reading, playing music and stargazing.

Taking this pared-back approach in their stride, Maguire + Devine Architects composed a building that acted as a piece of furniture – reflecting the client’s appreciation for highly-crafted, minimalist design.

The cabin is entirely off-grid, collecting its own rainwater and powered by photovoltaics. Acknowledging the abundance of the land surrounding it, the space is heated by a wood-fire oven supplied with timber that falls on-site. The natural world is further spoken for in the light timber walls, floor and ceiling.

In a particularly lavish flourish, a bath is positioned in the afternoon deck below removable decking panels, inviting the client to unwind in the midst of her beloved 99-acres of land.




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