Alt. material presents Instagram exhibition featuring 22 Australian designers

Following the cancelled alt.material exhibition ‘ductility’ earlier this year and as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Studio Edwards is launching alt.material 4 with the aim to bring people together during these difficult and uncertain times.

An effort to make ‘design thinking’ relevant and essential. Promoting how design might participate in our new lives. Some of us are fortunate to have adequate living spaces to work from home.  Others are not so lucky.

Designers are invited to respond to the theme of ‘ingenuity’. How can design bring us closer despite social distancing and our current physical separation? As designers how can we address the need for essential and urgent practical responses that solve real problems? How can we begin to address wellbeing through reassurance and comfort?

Designers in lockdown
Leading Australian designers & creatives are invited to respond to the theme with limited means using readily available and workable materials. Emphasis is to be placed on the qualities of being clever, original and inventive. To design, develop and make an object of use from limited resources.

Exhibition dates
Currently LIVE with introductions of each designer happening currently.
Instagram auction will be live on 10th September.

Adam Markowitz
Andrew Carvolth
Andrew Simpson
Ashley Corbett Smith
Ben Edwards
Cordon Salon
Dale Hardiman
Dean Norton
Elliot Bastianon
Jake Rollins
James Walsh
Jason O’Neill
Jonathan Ben-Tovim
Jordan Isabella
Liane Rossler
Luca Lettieri
Steelotto & At the above
Thomas Maxam
Tom Fereday
Tom Skeehan

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