Vake Plaza – Where Investments Happen (David Kezerashvili)

Vake Plaza Investments David Kezerashvili

David Kezerashvili is the investor behind Vake Plaza’s newest and most modern business office space. The design took into account both macro and micro business factors. Vake Plaza satisfies all of these criteria while retaining the vocational flair that makes it a standout in the skyline. The plaza also has one of the largest parking lots in the area. Regardless of the formal setting, design must take into account other factors such as comfort and sensationalism. This gives formal settings a more personal touch. For example, Frank Gehry’s wiggle chair designs are ideal for a conversation area that breaks up the monotony of an office setup.

The Vake Plaza offices were designed with a diverse mix of elegance, taking into account the possibility of various businesses preferring versatile styles and themes. Some seats, tables, and walls match official attire, while a casual arrangement and some colorful furniture, such as George Nelson’s coconut chairs, break up the redundancy.

Kezerashvili, who has worked in offices for the majority of his life, admits that poor lighting alone can ruin a workday. Good lighting should blend in with the surroundings. As a result, it is one of his top priorities when selecting an office design.

Vake Plaza


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