Sustainable House Day 2020

Explore a program of over 30 free sessions happening on Sustainable House Day (20/09/2020), offering practical advice and guidance on a range of topics relating to sustainable house design.

Established in 2001, Sustainable House Day is a national event that allows the public to see and learn from the best environmental homes in Australia. It aims to inspire people to live sustainably, showing them how to lower energy bills, live comfortably and help the environment through good home design, practices and technology.

In light of COVID-19, this year’s event is completely virtual. Participating homes have created video tours and can be asked questions about their homes on the Sustainable House Day website. Selected homeowners will also be taking part in information sessions happening throughout the day, accessible to anyone through Zoom. These sessions will be hosted by sustainability experts, designers, and architects, and allow a valuable opportunity for participants to seek guidance from those who have already completed their home. The program for these sessions can be found on the Sustainable House Day website:

To view house tours and take part in the sessions on the day, registrations to the Sustainable House Day website are necessary. Register at

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