Studio Furniture 2018

A table inlaid with a map of the stars at the moment man first stood on the moon. A sideboard that speaks of the dark history of European settlement and the hope of cross-cultural exchange. A drinks cabinet that echoes the misery of addiction…

This is not furniture that happens on a production line.

Studio Furniture 2018 is a world class exhibition of furniture crafted by 65 makers from Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Collectively retailing for over $750 000 this is furniture that has an investment value. Over $24 000 in awards were presented.

Bryan Cush’s The Dish pinpoints in brass inlay the night sky at 12:56pm, July 21, 1969, as relayed to world from the CSIRO Parkes Obervatory when man first stepped onto the moon.

Byron Raleigh’s Poppet floor lamp is the result of a love affair with machinery. It is a machine for lighting and an illustration of universal forces.

Made from darkest 10 000-year-old redgum with cast silver highlights, Damien Wright’s Tread Lightly sideboard tells a deep time story which recalls the history of this continent and a clash of cultures.

Matt Pearson’s drinks cabinet, The Veil, is a personal exploration into depression, anxiety and the crutch that alcohol can be for some people.

In a reflection of the new world order, New Zealand makers Louise Fuller and Rob Godoy have a made a luxury dog bed. Phoenix: A Daybed For the Dogtired is an exquisitely made piece now for sale within the exhibition for $26 400.

Each of the 60 pieces in Studio Furniture 2018 tells its own story as determined by the preferences, influences, philosophy, skills and aesthetics of its makers.

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