AR Linear Drainage System

The AR style grate is part of the patented Slimline Series, manufactured in Australia to ensure consistent high quality and timely supply.

The AR is the original premium architectural grate featuring a 2mm wire/ 2.5mm gap.

The drainage system is available as a modular system with a stainless steel or uPVC channel; as a fixed length unit with a centre outlet and as a made-to-length unit with a specified outlet position along the drain with a stainless steel channel.

The grate is available in widths of 38mm, 65mm and 100mm and depths between 21mm and 45mm.

Green Credentials

Global GreenTagCertâ„¢ LCARate Gold (Streamlined) GreenRate Level A Certified, patented Slimline series of architectural drains and grates made from stainless steel and/or uPVC for high performance interior commercial and residential drainage applications.