Quality trees for all reasons & seasons

Looking for that trusty native tree?

We stock a large range of Australian native trees including Angophora, Allocasuarina, Brachychiton, Eucalyptus, Corymbia, Lophostemon, Syzygium & Waterhousea. Natives suit a range of applications in the urban environment and are generally hardier in a variety of conditions, depending on the species.

Why choose a deciduous tree?

Our range of deciduous trees include Japanese Maple, Birch, Cercis, Ginkgo, Gleditsia, Jacaranda, Lagerstroemia (Crepe Myrtle), Chinese Pistacio and Pyrus (Ornamental Pear). Deciduous trees can provide amazing autumn colour; let in winter light and canopy for summer shade. Some varieties make excellent flowering specimens.

Want something that is green all year?

We stock a large range of evergreen trees in advanced sizes including Acacia, Citrus, Fraxinus, Hakea, Juniperus, Lophostemon, Evergreen Magnolia, Photinia and Tristaniopsis. With a dense bushy nature, Evergreens provide privacy and screening and have a significant flower or feature such as variegation or year-round colour.

Screening? We have quite a selection..

Our range of Acmena, Cupresses, Ficus, Prunus, Syzygium and Waterhousea provide good options for hedging, screening and for creating wind breaks. Evergreen trees are thick and dense for effortless screening in a short space of time.Talk to us about other options, even deciduous!

Want to add life to your garden, plant an advanced feature tree!

We can advise on suitable feature trees for contrast and feature.  Popular selections include Australian natives such as Corymbia & Lophostemon, as well as colourful exotics such as deciduous Magnolia, Crepe Myrtle & Malus. Popular colour foliage selections include Cotinus, Cercis, Tristaniopsis, Japanese Maple and the larger Canadian Maples.  Advanced sizes are great for this purpose and create immediate impact.

Green Credentials

NIASA accreditation is given to those nurseries who continue to adopt nursery industry best practice in all areas of production. Speciality Trees has been NIASA accredited since 1997. EcoHort certification focuses on environmental accountability and refers specifically to the way in which a business sustainably manages its inputs and outputs. Speciality Trees has been an EcoHort certified nursery since 2008. Speciality Trees proudly grow to Australian Standard AS2303.