Bold Flowering Trees

There is nothing like that eye-catching feature tree in full flush. And something that combines beautiful structure, vibrant or unique foliage and the ability to burst out in spectacular flower is something to behold.

There are many selections to choose from to suit any time of year and here we have taken the time to list a few of our favourites.

Callistemon – These are versatile native trees with ‘Bottle Brush’ flowers. Great for informal hedges and screens. Try Callistemon citrinis ‘Kings Park Special’ or ones with soft weeping foliage like Callistemon viminalis ‘Dawsons River Weeper’.   Corymbia ficifolia are grafted natives with improved vigor. They are a smaller flowering gums suitable as a feature tree for all gardens. And there are a number of colours to choose from: ‘Baby Orange‘ (A vibrant orange), ‘Baby Scarlet’ (A vibrant scarlet), and Summer Beauty (Appleblossum Pink).

Easy to spot from a distance and breath-taking in flower is Jacaranda, an iconic tree with masses of purple flowers in summertime. Crepe Myrtles offer fabulous foliage, fascinating bark and great flowering attributes in summer. Choose from ‘Lipan‘ (mauve), ‘Sioux‘ (hot musk pink), ‘Zuni’ (purple), ‘Natchez’ (white) and ‘Tuscarora‘ (hot pink).

Deciduous Magnolias are wonderful specimens that flower when leaves have fallen. In particular, check out Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’ and ‘Vulcan’. And who can’t resist the sight of an evergreen Magnolia in flower? These trees are very elegant and extremely popular for a number of uses including streetcapes, garden specimens and formal screens and hedges – ‘Teddy Bear’‘Little Gem‘, ‘Exmouth‘, Coolwyn Gloss and ‘Kay Parris’.

Right behind Magnolias in popularity is Pyrus. Ornamental pears make great flowering features in spring and we offer a selection to cater for everyone’s needs including Pyrus ‘Cleveland Select’, Manchurian pear (Pyrus ussuriensis) and Pyrus ‘Capital’.