Commercial Tiling Systems

LATICRETE Commercial Tiling Systems meet the demanding requirements of commercial installations by providing low maintenance installations with maximum durability and chemical resistance. Composed of adhesives, waterproofing and crack suppression membranes, underlayments, mortars, and grouts, these systems provide permanent, problem-free installations and single source responsibility.

Single Source Systems Approach for Commercial Floors

  • LATICRETE polymer fortified adhesives provide greater bond strengths than AS/ISO 13007 requirements.
  • LATICRETE polymer fortified adhesives and grouts provide superior resistance to heavy traffic environments and exterior applications where freeze/thaw and thermal shock durability are required.
  • LATAPOXY® adhesives and grouts are designed for superior bond and stain resistance.
  • LATICRETE waterproofing and crack suppression membranes for wet areas and where tile finishes must be protected from cracked substrates.
  • LATICRETE rapid installation materials for repairs and short “downtime” projects.

Green Credentials

LATICRETE materials are certified by independent laboratories throughout the world to meet or exceed applicable industry standards/norms; including DIN, ANSI, AS, UEAtc, JIS, ASTM, ABSAC, UPC®, ICC, IAPMO, and ISO.