The D900 Classic

Australian LED technology company Brightgreen announces the release of the third iteration of its most popular LED downlight to date, the D900 Classic.

With its predecessor launching to market as the world’s first LED downlight to match the brightness of a 50W halogen, the new and improved D900 Classic offers the same award-winning efficiency and quality with the addition of some groundbreaking improvements.

Featuring Brightgreen’s new Gen3 driver, the new D900 Classic has been optimised for seamless control on the vast majority of dimmers and automation systems. The advanced digital electronics in the driver eliminate the need for troubleshooting compatibility problems in the installation process, as well as providing homeowners with increased protection against power surges and the deepest dimming available industry wide.

In addition to allowing homeowners to future proof their lighting technology – should they intend to install automated controllers down the road – the new D900 Classic goes beyond the efficiency benefits generally associated with LED lighting. By reengineering its heatsink for more efficient heat dissipation, the team at Brightgreen achieved a more compact IC-rated design. The benefits of its smaller heatsink are twofold; making it ideal for fitting into smaller ceiling cavities, while also reducing air pockets under insulation to increase home thermal efficiency.

Key features of the new design include:

• 3000K warm and 4000K neutral colour temperature options

Tru-Colour technology – to improve the appearance of interiors without sacrificing brightness

• A Brighgreen Gen3 driver for seamless performance on dimmers and automation systems

• 45° and 55° beam angle options

• A compact, IC-rated heatsink – to minimise air pockets and thermal losses through insulation

• Silver and white finish options

Learn more about the third-generation D900 Classic.