BAUWERK Limewash

BAUWERK Limewash Paint

BAUWERK Limewash is a natural mineral paint made in harmony with nature, using limestone, clay and natural pigments. Suitable for all unsealed interior and exterior masonry surfaces, such as render brick or stone.

It can also be used on correctly prepared Plaster, PlasterBoard or Previously Painted interior walls, when used together with BAUWERK Prep Coat.

Limewash is perfect for modern and traditional projects, lime or cement rendered walls, plaster, brickwork, plaster board, drywall, ceilings, stone, modern and historic buildings,
raw pine, stone, adobe blocks, rammed earth, mud brick, cement blocks, historic houses and strawbale.

Available tub sizes are 1L, 4L, 10L & 20L.


Main Characteristics:

Natural paint made from minerals and pigments

Simple application

Gives a soft natural chalky lime appearance

Safer for people with allergies or chemical sensitivity

Will not blister or peel making it easy for redecoration


Manufactured using 100% green power with a very light environmental footprint