Laminex And YSG Studio Launch Fantales, A Hybrid Living And Work Space

Animated by an eclectic palette of woodgrain textures and bold colour, the Fantales Living Space promises to make daily life, even working from home, an absolute pleasure. 

The way we work and live have changed dramatically over the past two years, sparking a strong trend towards greater workplace flexibility. Whilst many enjoy the flexibility of working from home, working and living within the same space poses its own challenges, causing a renewed desire for greater work/life balance.

Delivering a space that offers just that, Laminex and YSG Studio’s newest collaboration, The Fantales Living Space, offers a reinterpretation of the traditional living room, creating a multifunctional space that is the ultimate inspiration for the modern home. 

‘Larger homes might have separate rooms that can be dedicated purely for office work,’ says Yasmine Ghoniem, Principal of YSG Studio. ‘But where space is at a premium, the challenge is, “how can we use each space in multiple ways?” Everything you put in has to be really well considered.’ 

A continuation of Laminex and YSG Studios’ Fantales Kitchen collaboration in 2021, the Fantales Living Space echoes the familiar tones of the kitchen through the Laminex woodgrain joinery in Danish Walnut and Milkwood, yet offers a fresh perspective through a contrasting wave of soft Porcelain Blush. ‘You walk from this quite cocoon-like experience of the kitchen into a living space which is a lot brighter and just feels lighter,’ explains Yasmine. Synonymous with YSG’s signature bold style, the living space also features bursts of daring Laminex Pillarbox red, found within the drawers, cupboards, handles, and even the coffee table.

One aspect of YSG’s design vital to the multifunctional performance of the space is the study nook. A highly practical area with ample desk space, drawer storage and shelving, the nook embodies ultimate flexibility. Featuring an operable screen system made from Laminex Danish Walnut laminate, the nook can be easily accessed through the sliding screen, which can be closed at the end of the day to conceal any office mess, and even more importantly, visually separate the workday from recreational time. 

Offering even greater flexibility, the study nook also features open shelving in brilliant red Laminex Pillarbox, allowing the study nook to double as a display area for books and personal objects. Even when the screen is closed, the screen’s partial transparency creates a sense of visual interest and depth. This functional versatility allows for optimal personalisation. 

Perhaps the most explicitly decorative element in the interior of the Fantales Living Space is the front surface of the tower cabinetry. Two units sit side by side, their doors featuring a captivating inlaid laminate design. Along the bottom edge, Laminex Milkwood is paired with Danish Walnut in alternating stripes of light and dark, almost like a piano keyboard. Above, sheets of Danish Walnut have been laid at angles to each other, creating a subtle geometrical pattern from the woodgrain texture. 

From Laminex woodgrain cabinetry to French-washed walls, texture is abundant in the Fantales Living Space. With each structural element harnessing the design flexibility of Laminex laminate, a harmonious relationship between curved and linear shapes is introduced in every corner. 

The screen and shelving elements are fabricated with a bullnose profile, highlighting a shapely consistency throughout the space. 

‘The Fantales Living Space marks a distinct change in the way we use our homes,’ says Sacha Leagh-Murray, General Manager Sales & Marketing at Laminex. ‘Expertly designed to be just fit for work as it is for rest and leisure, the living space is perfectly curated to suit modern living.’ 

‘Marrying Yasmine’s unique design perspective with the design flexibility of Laminex laminate, the Fantales Living Space encapsulates the notion of finding joy in the small things, emphasising vibrant details and textured finishes.’ 

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