Fabrics from around the globe

Japanese kimono and indigo shibori, silk ikat fabrics from Turkey and Azerbijan, Mexican blankets, Afghan wedding pockets, Balinese batik and much more…

A love of fabrics and how they express culture through pattern, colour and materiality has led designer Jacqueline Bosscher to collect many different examples from around the world. These are available through The Design Commission’s textiles and furnishings project, Strangers Bearing Gifts. Choose ready-made items like cushion covers or blankets, or let us create a bespoke item or installation for you. Combine kimono and ikat silks for a unique double-sided cushion cover. Choose Japanese obi as wall hangings. Frame an antique ikat jacket. The only limit is your imagination.

​​Cushion inserts provided by The Design Commission are made in NSW from either recycled PET fibre derived from 100% post consumer water bottles, or 100% biodegradable and compostable, naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial corn fibre.