Bamboo Kitchen

Sustainable, small and very functional, this bamboo kitchen ticks all the boxes.

Small kitchens are tricky.  The space is limited and often clients have big visions for their small space.  In this kitchen, our clients had considered a couple of options for their new kitchen.  The options included pulling down a wall and opening up the kitchen area or leaving the space as it was.  Ultimately, they decided to use the existing space as it was and their brief included maximising bench and storage space and using sustainable materials.

Good design is essential in a small space.  Situated in a small closed-off room, this kitchen needed a complete re-design to maximise useability, storage and bench space.

The lovely, long, uninterrupted bench was a much anticipated change for these clients as previously a wall oven and tall cupboards had left little room for a bench.  Placing the oven and microwave underneath the bench and using drawers rather than tall cupboards, opened up space for a lovely, continuous the bench top.

In order to maximise storage space, drawers were included, rather than cupboards.  Drawers provide practical, easy to access storage.  Everything from pots and pans to mugs and glasses and pantry items can be stored in drawers.  Using good quality soft close drawer runners allows these drawers to hold up to 40kg of weight, which is a lot of weight to hold in a kitchen drawer.

The square finger-pulls provide practical access to the drawers and cupboards.  There are no handles jutting out, so no room is taken up there.  And as the kitchen is built in pieces, rather than in cabinets, there are no double-ups of cabinet sides taking up additional space either.

The gorgeous open shelves add pizzazz to the kitchen, whilst creating a lovely space for display items.  In this kitchen, that means easy access to the plethora of tea and coffee options; for a quick caffeine fix or a relaxed cuppa at the end of the day.

Ultimately though, what makes this kitchen unique and enables the whole design to come together, are the materials.  The materials were chosen not only for their warmth, but also their sustainability.  All the materials are:

  • Sustainably sourced
  • High quality
  • Solid and
  • Able to be recycled or composted at the end of their lifespan – which is considered to be over 50 years.


The cabinetry is sustainable, furniture grade plywood.  The doors and drawer fronts are sustainably sourced bamboo.  The bench top is Marmoleum a GECA and Green Tag Certified product.

This kitchen is warm and inviting, practical to use and will be around in good condition for many years to come.  And when the time does come to replace it, the materials can be re-used or recycled.  A truly sustainable kitchen.