Ionic Collection by Satelight

Satelight is pleased to announce the launch of our latest luminaire collection “The Ionic”. Super sleek, stylish, and slender, The Ionic collection features Ceiling, Pendant, and Wall lights which are available in both single and double wall mount. Made as stand alone pieces they can be placed individually or arrayed at any scale for the largest of spaces – horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. Each luminaire has the option to choose the direction of illumination -– front, side, or rear facing.
The Ionic collection’s minimalist design is inspired by our key principle “think small to create big”. Minimised material use, and scale for product transportation, with maximised design flexibility and impact are again at the forefront of this collection in both design and manufacture.
The stunning timber puck feature is crafted from sustainably sourced and homegrown hardwood. What also makes these lights stand out is the timber detailing is unique from one light to another and enhances the overall contemporary aesthetics of The Ionic.
About Satelight Design
Satelight is an award-winning lighting design studio, based in Melbourne, that has been offering contemporary designer lighting products for over 20 years. Our in-house design and manufacturing team have extensive experience that enables us to continue to deliver on a vast range of project requirements to our clients across the world. As local designer-makers our lead times are kept to a minimum and we have the flexibility and ability to provide customisation on many of our design collections. We work across numerous sectors such as retail, workplace, hospitality, education & health, residential & places of worship.
We continue to stand strong on our commitment to local Australian design and manufacturing. Beyond our inhouse capabilities, we are also proud to support the local crafting community by collaborating with various artists and craftspeople such as local metalworkers, skilled glassblowers, and artists to create beautiful long lasting design pieces for our collections and custom projects.