Hard Yakka Factory Demolition

Whilst many companies knock down with machinery and take the timber to landfill, Recycling Timber Innovations utilises the timber from demolition sites and engineers beautiful recycled timber floor. In this project, we were invited to methodically take apart the old Hard Yakka factory. The factory, located in Broadmeadows, closed in the early 2000s after Hard Yakka moved operations overseas, meaning the beautiful timber that lay within needed to be reclaimed.

The place was full of Messmate, an incredible hardwood from Tasmania and Victoria, which had aged quite well since the factory was built in the early 1960s. It took a number of months to recuperate the timber, but as the project came to an end we were pleased with the amount of supposed waste we were able to salvage.

If you are interested in saving the timber trapped in your home from landfill, please get in touch.