Durra Panel – Environmental Product Declaration

At a time when sustainability is paramount, Durra Panel has completed its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), demonstrating its commitment to transparency and aiding designers and specifiers in choosing truly sustainable building materials for a better, more sustainable future.

Addressing the Environmental Impact of Construction

The construction industry is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and generates 40% of landfill waste. This underscores the critical need for environmentally conscious choices in building materials. Durra Panel’s EPD, developed according to stringent international standards, brings a new level of transparency and credibility to their environmental claims.

Durra Panel’s Commitment to Sustainability

Produced by Ortech Industries Pty Ltd, Durra Panel has been a pioneer in sustainable building materials from its inception. Their innovative process transforms agricultural by-products into durable construction panels, reducing waste while preserving the inherent qualities of the raw materials.

Highlights of Durra Panel’s EPD

Carbon Negative
Durra Panel utilizes straw, a by-product of wheat and rice harvesting, to capture and store carbon in buildings. The carbon sequestration during its lifecycle surpasses the emissions generated during manufacturing, making Durra Panel a carbon-negative product. The GWPT of manufacturing stages A1-A3 is -1.93E+01kg CO₂ per square metre of Durra Panel.

At the end of its lifecycle, Durra Panel is fully biodegradable and can be composted, returning valuable nutrients to the soil. This aligns seamlessly with the principles of a circular economy.

Certified and Verified
Independently verified by a third party, the EPD assures the accuracy and reliability of Durra Panel’s environmental data, underscoring their commitment to high transparency standards.

Key Environmental Impact Indicators

Durra Panel’s EPD details several critical environmental impact indicators:

  • Global Warming Potential (GWP): Durra Panel has a significantly lower GWP compared to traditional construction materials.
  • Embodied Energy: With an embodied energy of just 12.6 MJ/m², Durra Panel boasts a low energy footprint.
  • VOC Emissions: Emitting less than 0.05 mg/m²/hr of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Durra Panel ensures superior indoor air quality.

Embracing Transparency in Construction

The growing adoption of EPDs in the construction industry highlights a shift towards more transparent reporting of the environmental impacts of building materials. Delve into Durra Panel’s comprehensive EPD to understand the full lifecycle impact of their products and make informed, eco-friendly choices for a healthier planet.

Explore Durra Panel’s journey in sustainability and discover how choosing the right building materials can contribute to a greener future. Download