Riverview House

This building explores the notion of room making and is a joyous response to the craftsmanship of building and the natural backdrop of the adjacent Tambourine Bay Reserve and Sydney Harbour. Indoor and outdoor spaces are given the same priority and are layered over a series of stepped platforms down the site to the garden and the landscape beyond. Rooms are created with a sense of self identity while maintaining connections to adjoining spaces in a progressive sequence of changing light and volume. Crafted architectonic elements invite an emotive response, provide separation, and frame views to adjoining rooms and the landscape. Always.

Natural materials are used in a decorative assemblage of surfaces in an organic response to the landscape. Skylights provide direct and reflected northern light and act as a thermal chimney.

The design complies with the NSW Housing Code and was approved through a CDC by a private certifying authority. This provided freedom with the architectural expression often unrealised in this form of approval.