The underlying architectural concept for Habitat at North Beach, Byron Bay was based on environmentally friendly design incorporating sustainable principles within a beach precinct and subtropical landscape. Architects ‘Dominic Finlay Jones‘ approached us knowing our clotheslines were the perfect fit for each Commercial Terrace and Warehouse Loft residence- 24 in total.

Think industrial chic, soft timber tones flooded with light and clever use of space…a unique live/work strata intent on delivering beautiful ammenities. The Happy Days 6 line discreetly folds away in a nook yet still provides hanging space for everyday essential washing. Check out our Coastal Clotheslines at ‘Habitat Home‘ within the retail precinct of Habitat, Byron Bay amongst other handcrafted local homewares and must-haves.

Green Credentials

Our manufacturing is based on passive solar energy with zero emissions and no plastics, just stainless steel.
Our ethos is based on minimal waste due to our patented methodology that reflects our sustainable approach.