How Does A Hot Water Heat Pump Work?

Best described as a reverse refrigerator, the Compress 3000 works by extracting heat from its surrounding environment and transferring this heat into the stored water in the 270L tank. It does this by using electricity to operate the parts needed to transfer this heat into the water. The Heat Pump only uses the back-up element when the air temperature drops below its working range of -7 degrees Celsius and when there is very high hot water demand. The electric booster element used is more energy efficient than its average counterparts (1.65kW vs 2.4kw).

Due to this, the Heat Pump can have savings of up to 65% compared to conventional electric storage systems – it only consumes 1kWh of electricity to supply more than 3kWh for heating water. It can also be operated with PV solar electric systems to further optimise energy efficiency.