Limewashing over Plasterboard Walls

Creating a strong sense of place embodying the essence of the surrounding landscape


Studiostooks have designed and created a wonderful short stays villa named ‘Karri Loam’ overlooking the ancient Karri Forest set in Margaret River.

This villa has a minimalist and spacious design with a harmonious connection to its surrounding landscape. The use of locally sourced materials such as rammed earth, natural timbers, as well as Bauwerks natural limewash paint has immersed this building into a healthy living environment, ready to unwind and take in the surrounding landscape as well as the natural architectural elements of the building.

Bauwerk Limewash colour Wander & colour Ibiza have been applied to the new plasterboard interior walls creating a moody ambiance. The limewash has been applied with a brush in our traditional cloud technique. The use of limewash creates a breathable natural surface which compliments the calming and peaceful nature of the villa.


We have had the opportunity to chat with the team at Studiostooks on the overall  approach to this holistic design.

Describe how using locally sourced materials to craft this beautiful villa is the key element in your design?

One of our primary aims in designing the house was about creating a strong sense of place. We wanted to craft a building and its interior spaces to embody the essence of this coastal town in Western Australia and not to mention the forest it sits across from. To us, this is represented no better than by using local materials where possible, into the spaces that people interact with and experience. We learnt that by utilising the natural colours and textures of these materials, you can compliment the natural environment and enhance the occupants’ connection to the place.

What made you gravitate towards Bauwerk Limewash?

Firstly, because it’s a natural, non-toxic and carbon neutral product and secondly, because of its texture that makes the handmade process very visible. We like that you can see the brushstrokes of the painter as they tell a story of the time, work and care that went into the walls.

The tone of the rammed earth walls connects seamlessly together with Bauwerk colour Ibiza and Wander, what made you choose these particular colours?

It was a long process of choosing as there are so many colours to choose from, and you can even layer colours which is very exciting because the rammed earth is not just one colour, it is a blend of many colours and tones that you get from the loam and aggregate that’s in it. We chose Ibiza and Wander because they picked-up the more neutral tones in the earth walls. It was important to create a seamless and cohesive feeling yet, we didn’t want the colour of the lime washed walls to compete with rammed earth.

How has Bauwerk Limewash complimented ‘Karri Loam’s’ overall feel of the internal space?

The cloud technique creates a very calming atmosphere, it’s like looking at a watercolour painting – it is fluid and free and softens harsh lines, which is what we wanted the space to feel like, as it is a retreat to relax away from the urban environment.

Step by step painting over NEW PLASTERBOARD walls

1 – Apply 2 coats of a good quality acrylic sealer

2 – Apply 1 coat of Bauwerk Prep Coat

3 – Apply 2 coats of Bauwerk Limewash


Project Colour Selection Bauwerk Ibiza & Bauwerk Wander

Photography Glenn Russell

Interior Architecture Miranda Geiger

Architecture Studiostooks


Green Credentials  Zero VOC, Eco Friendly, Vegan Paint