Limewashing in Bathrooms

The Perfect Paint for High Humidity Environments!

Having a calming relaxing bathroom is great to start a fresh new day and to unwind from a long stressful day. Therefore the products used is an important element to create the perfect sanctuary.

Our natural limewash paint is perfect for bathrooms as it is non film-forming which will not be prone to blistering or peeling, even in high humidity environments. Bauwerk limewash is a naturally anti-bacterial and will resist mould. 

Limewash can be used on all wall and ceiling areas, except for the inside area of a shower or the immediate area adjacent to a bath.

We do recommend that you use a splash-back behind the sink and toilet areas, as lime paint is absorbent and can become stained by toothpaste, soaps etc.

The perfect substrate in a bathroom is an absorbent render. The benefit of not sealing the walls is that your walls will be part of your micro-climate and they can absorb excess humidity and release it easily again.  

Bauwerk Limewash can also be used over conventional paints or new plasterboard, once the walls have been prepared to be equally absorbent (a water based sealer, for instance). It is then followed with a coat of Bauwerk Prep-Coat, and finished with 2 coats of Bauwerk Limewash.

We chat with Melbourne Interior designer and Tile designer Georgia Ezra from Studio Ezra about her love for Bauwerk limewash in her 3 Bathrooms.

What was the design inspiration for your home?

I am always inspired by Europe, for our home I was drawing references from Morocco, south of France and Spain.

You have used Bauwerk Limewash throughout your home and it works seemingly with your mediterranean/ Moroccan feel. What made you consider and use Bauwerk Limewash paint?

I loved the depth layering and exclusive elements of the paint. It feels and looks alive and really has added a significant experiential mood to the overall home. I also am particularly inspired by and passionate about the idea of healthy homes, emotional and physical. Limewash is such an incredible paint option and it excited me to think we were able to incorporate such sustainable and beautiful paint option to our home.

Particularly in the bathroom, what was your inspiration in choice of colour?                                                                            

I wanted a Depth and warmth which coincided with our handmade Tilesofezra moroccan tiles. I wanted to really set a mood, and the bauwerk lime wash has such a beautiful transparency in layering yet strength to it. It gave me the look and most importantly the feel I was after and more.

What are some of your maintenance tips for your bathroom limewashed walls?                                                       

We don’t touch the walls. Most nights the kids splashing in the bath goes on to the paint and we just allow it to dry naturally, of course there is always steam in the three bathrooms we used bauwerk and we have never needed to touch the walls up or had any issues with the paint.

How often do you (if required) carry out maintenance touch ups for your bathroom walls?                                         

We haven’t done any maintenance in 4 years.

Step by Step Application over Previously Painted Plasterboard Walls

1 – Apply 1 coat of Bauwerk Prep Coat

2 – Apply 2 coats of Bauwerk Limewash


Project colours Bauwerk Birch & Bauwerk Smokebush for the ensuite + son’s bathroom. Main bathroom is in Bauwerk Birch + throughout house.

Studio Ezra Tiles in Imagery Handmade wall tiles – tilesofezra moroccan zellige in EZR1010 clay. Floor tiles are EZR0187 in clay and moss. All products are handmade or come from the earth.

Interior Design & Styling Georgia Ezra from Studio Ezra

Photography Georgia Ezra.

Bauwerk Green Credentials Zero VOC, Eco Friendly, Vegan Paint