White Washing Over Bagged Brickwork

White washing walls has been an annual ritual of cleansing and renewal for a long time, not just on sun-blessed islands like Santorini, the wind swept coastal towns of Ireland, or the white washed walls of so many lighthouses dotted along countless coastlines. At Bauwerk Colour we produces pure quality limewash paints which continue this tradition. 

Here in Fremantle, this modern 2 storey ‘Marine House’ home has a simple coastal feel with the use of Bauwerk Colour Chalk applied over its bagged brickwork exterior. The result, a soft velvety natural finish which works with its beachside surroundings.

This quick and easy process is created by simple applying the limewash paint directly onto the wall surface. No primer needed. It is absorbed into the wall, leaving a breathable surface that’s protected by the natural properties of the paint. Due to its breathable properties, our limewash works best on render, stucco, mud brick, bricks, concrete and natural stone.

Bauwerk limewash has the lowest environmental footprint of all external paint systems, they do not harm the environment in their manufacture and disposal, and most importantly do not harm our health.

  • 100% UV stable  
  • No colour fading
  • No fungicides or biocides
  • Eco Friendly
  • Vegan paint product
  • Zero VOC content


A wide range of white limewash shades are available from pure stark white to soft chalky white and broken whites, to create your ideal sanctuary. You can view our extensive range of exterior colours via our website.

If you are needing assistance with your colour choice, feel free to contact us! We are more than happy to help choose your perfect white for your home.


Step by step painting over BAGGED BRICK walls

1 – Dampen walls with water

2 – Apply 2-3 coats of Bauwerk Limewash


Project Colour Bauwerk Chalk 

Architect David Barr from Cast Studio www.caststudio.com.au

Photography Jack Lovel

Interior Stylist Jo Carmichael 



Green Credentials

Zero VOC
Eco Friendly
Vegan Paint