Strong VIC ASH Windows in Californian Bungalow

Californian Bungalow possesses everything you’d want in a relaxing home – it’s sleek, warm and calm.  The house represents the client’s eclectic and playful sensibility with an emphasis on connecting the primary living spaces with the garden.

This modern bungalow was designed and executed by Taylor Knights, the Melbourne-based practice of architects and designers that ‘believe in creating exciting and meaningful spaces that enrich our lives’. Their approach is to focus on the senses, the seasons and the environment, with the idea that good architecture should be beautiful, considered, flexible and enduring.

‘Create a calm and comfortable space to retreat within, yet also include moments of privacy and seclusion within the open plan’ – a simple brief, implemented beautifully by the design team. Taylor Knights explains further “the new living spaces are arranged in and around three sculptural masonry walls, creating nooks and reveals within the open plan – spaces that could offer a place to sit and share with family, or retreat within at other times”.

Focusing on sustainability, the space was to produce a highly efficient, low-volume addition that ‘did a lot with very little’. “Energy efficient glazing and sustainable timber selection have been used throughout the project” as explained by Taylor Knights.

Strong and blonde Victorian ash was chosen for the windows and installed by Miris Windows & Doors. Victorian ash, particularly GoodWood, is a preferred hardwood for windows and doors because it is made from a sustainable material, it has optimal thermal performance and adds aesthetic appeal. For more on the benefits of timber windows, click here or visit the GoodWood webpage to view the entire window and door range.