Kitchen Renovation – Arkie

A renovator speaks about their use of Arkie and how convenient the panels are:

“Speaking of budget, the idea behind this project is that you don’t always need to renovate your whole bathroom or kitchen to get a new look. As we all know, bathrooms and kitchens are expensive renovation projects, but they are also not the most sustainable projects, especially when the whole room is gutted to start from scratch when the guts of the room is actually still usable. Our kitchen does not have the best layout and I would have loved to change it, but that would mean re-tiling our whole house or have different tiles in the kitchen as the existing tiling was done around the cupboards.

Our kitchen had the standard high gloss fronts with outdated square chrome handles and we chose to change them to Arkie’s natural birch plywood fronts to give a warmer feel to our kitchen. We used the simple round holes for handles and an overhang as handle on the overhead cupboards to give a more clean look. This kitchen now feels much more like us and it didn’t cost us a whole kitchen renovation!”