Flowers Vasette creates installation at Flinders Street Station

Flowers Vasette are pleased to announce their installation for Melbourne’s most iconic architectural landmark, Flinders Street Station in line with Urban Blooms, a flower encounter like no other. Urban Blooms, a Spring floral concept running from Saturday 14 – 27 November 2020 was created in partnership with the City of Melbourne’s $100 million Melbourne City Recovery Fund and Flowers Vasette is a proud partner, celebrating the return of resilient Victorians to their city.

Recognised as one of Australia’s most creative floral brands, proudly serving Victorians for over thirty years, Flowers Vasette has been tasked with creating a floral archway for Melbourne’s most iconic architectural site, Flinders Street Station. The triumphal archways that populate the city date back to 1901 and the arch of Flinders Street Station has stood as a site of public celebration, decorated to commemorate significant moments in Melbourne’s history including centenaries, achievements and visiting monarchs. Flowers Vasette are honoured to be invited to amplify such an important and publicly recognised landmark.

“This is a wonderful collaboration, particularly after the devastation of bush fires earlier this year and most recently the impact of Covid-19 on our industry. We are overjoyed to be entrusted with the iconic and International recognised Flinders Street Station location. We are pleased to bring together local growers and many of our long-standing suppliers to hero locally grown seasonal plants and flowers in an installation like no other” said Cherrie Miriklis-Pavlou, Founder and Creative Director, Flowers Vasette.

Inspired by the colours of the building’s facade, the archway will be assembled with an array of green foliage, accented with flowers gold, red, pink and lavender tones. Expect to see Pine spruce, cypress, palms, agaves, Yakkas ,palms, native gums, bottle brush, banksia, King proteas just to make a few. These plants will be sourced from Victorian growers and from Beechmont Garden Retreat, Flowers Vasette’s own expansive formal and rambling gardens, and will include a wide variety of native and seasonal flowers and foliage demonstrating the capabilities and the beauty of Victoria’s Flora.

Showtech Australia is partnering with Flowers Vasette and will construct, engineer and install the impressive scaffold armature which measures 6m x 12 m with an 18.8m linear archway and will stand in front of the Flinders Street archway, the foundation for the floral concept which is Flowers Vasette largest single installation featuring over 500 stems of natives overlayed with flowers.

Flowers Vasette are pleased to gift the people of Melbourne a breathtaking and spectacular botanic archway in celebration of Victoria’s re-opening. The spectacular location ‘take-over’ aims to inspire visitors and is to the City of Melbourne, celebrating the iconic landmarks, laneways and boulevards in full bloom.

Flowers Vasette x Urban Blooms will be available from Saturday 14 – 27 November, 2020 Flinders Street Station, Melbourne City Flowers Vasette will also have available for purchase in-store limited edition arrangements that celebrate this iconic concept and emulate the Flinders Street installation.

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