Exciton Science Light Ideas Design Competition

Put your creativity and imagination to the test in the Light Ideas Design Competition, an initiative of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science. The first prize is $5000!

What is Exciton Science? Funded by the federal government and based across five top universities, the Centre’s mission is to help Australia achieve a renewable energy future.

Exciton Science researchers are exploring how solar power can be integrated into new structures, building elements, furniture and other devices in the urban landscape.

The material that competition entrants are challenged to creatively integrate into their designs is the Luminescent Solar Concentrator (LSC), which has properties very similar to a sheet of transparent coloured plastic or Perspex.

Through your ingenuity, the Light Ideas Design Competition will provide a vision for a future in which LSC materials, and other emerging solar technologies, are widely available in our cities. Your perspective may also help guide the scientific development of these materials.

For a full design brief and details of how to enter, visit: bit.ly/LightIdeasCompetition

This competition is open to students and recent graduates from 2017 onwards.

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