Dulux Colour Awards 2022 Winners Have Been Announced

Exceptional projects demonstrating the most ambitious and innovative use of colour in the built environment were awarded at last night’s 2022 Dulux Colour Awards in Melbourne and simultaneously live-streamed on the Dulux website.

The winning projects were selected from a remarkable 103 finalists from Australia and New Zealand, for their exceptional display of colour and commitment to creativity and originality in design.

“Our renowned industry awards program recognises the epitome of colour use in design and architecture, and it is especially significant that we acknowledge and celebrate the array of exceptional projects this year, given the challenging circumstances in which they were created,” says Dulux Colour and Communications Manager Andrea Lucena-Orr.

“Not only did we witness some remarkably creative, original projects, but this year we also saw colour strategies that challenged stereotypes, with ambitious programs and unparalleled impact, across a range of building typologies.”

The judging panel agreed that, irrespective of scale, scope or program, in residential, urban or educational contexts, a number of exceptional projects transcended their stereotypes through the highly considered specification of colour.

The Australian Grand Prix winner and recipient of the Commercial Interior – Public and Hospitality Award, the Studio Bright for Monash Robotics Lab, epitomises this. “Eschewing the clinical, sterile palette typically associated with science facilities, this lab is warm and inviting thanks to a play of earthy tones, colour pops and calming greens,” said the judges.

Similarly, the New Zealand Grand Prix winner and commendation recipient in the Residential Interior category, Pac Studio for Eden View, saw the architects reject a traditional approach to small spaces by saturating its kitchen and bathroom in bright, defined tones.

Even Money Bar, a financial institution with its anti-establishment use of colour, turned tradition on its head to convey a message of warmth, transparency and trust.

Another emerging theme this year was the integration of landscape as a consideration in the architectural response. “We saw natural features inform the palettes of a range of projects, some drawing upon seasonal colours, others creating backdrops for the play of sunlight and shade,” said the judges.

Comprising five design industry leaders: Adriana Hanna, Director of Architecture at Kennedy Nolan; Cushla McFadden, Director at Tom Mark Henry; Olivia Macfarlane, Director at UNDERCURRENT NZ; Adam Pustola, Principal at Lyons Architecture; and David Welsh, Principal at Welsh+Major., the panel engaged in rigorous debate over some projects and were unanimous in their praise for others.

“Overall, there is a resounding level of ambition and conviction in the implementation of colour in conceptual and finished work,” the judges said.

Lucena-Orr concurs: “The degree of sophistication in this year’s award-winning projects is exemplary, a true testament to design professionals’ mastery of colour as an integral design tool. It is also truly exciting for Dulux, as it encourages us to continue to innovate, to strive for excellence and to collaborate with designers and architects to constantly evolve and improve our built environment.”

Grand Prix Australia Winner—Monash Robotics Lab by Studio Bright

Judges’ comments: “The success of the Monash Robotics Lab is trifold, and we were unanimous in our recognition of its tiers of achievement. On a purely aesthetic level, the specified palette is refined and elegant, particularly the captivating play of vibrant shades with more subtle hues against natural materials. When considered within the context of a science laboratory on an educational campus, however, it becomes utterly striking for its unexpectedness. At this level, the architects’ intent is to be applauded, for it stares stereotypes in the face and demonstrates the value of originality.

In challenging the accepted norm of lab settings as colourless and sterile, it breaks down any stigma that may be associated with scientific endeavour, instead creating a warm, welcoming environment that encourages connection and playfulness. No project better exemplifies the power of colour.”

Grand Prix New Zealand Winner—Eden View by Pac Studio

“Its unwavering commitment to colour sets this practice’s strategy apart. Redefining the potential of a small-scale renovation, Pac Studio has ambitiously designed a scheme to do much more than unite or revitalise an existing home; it has investigated the potential for colour to delineate space, affect mood and define identity. In a departure from a common approach to use white in small spaces, the bathroom is saturated in an uplifting yellow, carefully matched to a terrazzo tile with a yellow-gold fleck of crushed shell.

Contrastingly, the kitchen is clad in a warm, earthy hue, with the intention to create a calm, quiet space for connection. Despite the project’s modest scope, the result is transformative and highly effective – a credit to the architects’ vision and resolve.”

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