Circularity presented by RMIT, Polestar and Green Magazine – The Alchemy of Clay

“Circularity: Materials + Form” will run from June 27-29th in Fitzroy, Melbourne, showcasing projects from the RMIT Master of Architecture Design Studio and Research Elective

The Alchemy of Clay from RMIT Architecture on Vimeo.

The collective aim of this clay research is to counter mainstream ideas about using clay in the built environment. The initial research focus involves experimenting with the potential of using ‘greenware clay’ to reduce the carbon footprint associated with brick production.

The age-old question, ‘can a creation exist without extraction?’ intrigues us and became the starting point. This project aims to provide a solution by repurposing architectural remnants as resources rather than waste. In doing so, it rethinks the concepts of temporality and spatial gradients, highlighting the broader role of architecture in sustainability. This approach encourages interaction between materials and the landscape. The interplay between hardened grounds, soft clay, and sandy textures creates a nurturing space for both users and the landscape to flourish.

The pavilion embodies a new identity linked to
a specific piece of land. The research not only addresses a problem but also establishes a narrative. It serves as a tool to convey a vision and formulates a challenge that extends beyond the initial program or functions.


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