Circularity presented by RMIT, Polestar and Green Magazine – Scrap to Structure

“Circularity: Materials + Form” will run from June 27-29th in Fitzroy, Melbourne, showcasing projects from the RMIT Master of Architecture Design Studio and Research Elective

Scrap To Structure from RMIT Architecture on Vimeo.

This project is an initiative at the intersection of advanced 3D printing technology, sustainable design principles, and innovative architectural methodologies. The project aims to redefine architecture by transforming static remnants of mechanical systems into dynamic, adaptable spatial structure.

Through the exploration of cutting-edge metal alloy printing, research into life cycle assessments, and innovative design strategies such as Voronoi structures and parametric design, the project seeks to create architectural elements that are not only precise and scalable but also environmentally sustainable and economically viable. By analysing socioeconomic impacts and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, the aim is to pioneer new pathways for renewable architecture, promoting inclusivity, resilience, and resource efficiency in urban environments.

‘Scrap to Structure’ represents a vision of sustainable architecture that merges technological innovation with ecological responsibility, aiming to transform the built landscape and highlight aspects of renewability, innovation and sustainability.


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