Unprecedented Collaboration at Affordable Housing Matters Forum

As inaugural Director of the Small Homes Service, Robin Boyd worked to democratise design by offering low-cost, high-quality architectural documentation for housing, which you could purchase for a modest £5. The initiative was an unprecedented collaboration, bringing together the unlikely partners of the Royal Victorian Institute of Architects (RVIA), Myer department store and The Age.

While many of the contributing circumstances may have evolved from the post-war era, Australia continues to wrestle with the issue of housing affordability. Today, we find ourselves in a particular housing crisis, with some commentators believing it the worst in a generation. Just as the Small Homes Service emerged at a time of great need, innovative design thinking and cross-sectoral partnerships are required to address the structural factors that have given rise to declining affordability.

“The Affordable Housing Matters Forum is a fantastic opportunity for students, architects, and affordable housing professionals to delve into critical issues and explore existing and potential contributions made by designers,” says Robin Boyd Foundation Chair Tony Isaacson.

Presented by the Robin Boyd Foundation with guest curator Jennifer Kulas the Affordable Housing Matters Forum aims to inspire new solutions and advocate for a coordinated effort across disciplines to address the current housing crisis.

“We are interested in holding space for a robust, engaging, and informed discussion about strategies and models that can address the growing demand for affordable housing. Attendees will hear from local and interstate speakers who will traverse policy, design, research, construction, and investment to cultivate a cross-pollination of ideas and actions geared at changing the direction of Australia’s housing crisis,” says guest curator Jennifer Kulas.

Taking place on Friday 6 October at Kensington Town Hall the Affordable Housing Matters Forum will bring together built environment professionals, students, and interested community members for a day of sharing, learning and conversation on how to create housing for all.

Affordable Housing Matters Forum
Friday 6 October 9 am – 4.30 pm
Kensington Town Hall
30-34 Bellair St
Kensington VIC 3031

Tickets: www.robinboyd.org.au

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